MAIS Service Positions

Present or past MAIS Representatives can stand for MAIS Chair and Treasurer. Present or immediate past MAIS Board members can stand for Board Chair.  Any Al-Anon may stand for the remaining elected committee chair and officer positions. The committee chairs and officers serve three-year terms.

The Archives Chair: compiles historical records of MAIS and collects artifacts and records for scrapbook and/or other receptacles.

The Office Chair: coordinates with the MAIS Literature Chair in giving office staff guidance about Literature Distribution Center business; maintains written job descriptions for staff and volunteers; interviews, hires and trains office staff and volunteers; manages the office staff, and makes reports of office activities at the bimonthly MAIS meeting. Serves on the Board.

The MAIS Alateen Chair: circulates the Al-Anon message of experience, strength and hope to the surrounding community.

The Anniversary Chair: is the head of the MAIS anniversary dinner committee.

The CenterPoint Editor: publishes and distributes the CenterPoint; solicits newsletter material; and sits on MAIS Board as a reporter, but may be authorized to break a tie vote when such an occasion arises

The Area Liaison: represents MAIS at Area Assembly and at Area World Service Committee (AWSC) meeting; makes reports of MAIS activity to these groups; communicates with member Districts of MAIS to encourage active participation in MAIS, and coordinates representation; and reports on Area Assembly to MAIS.

The Literature Chair: supervises and inventories all literature movement of the Literature Distribution Center; disseminates information pertinent to the production, sale, and distribution of Conference Approved Literature through regular report to MAIS, the MAIS Board and CenterPoint; and coordinates with Office Manager on matters affecting LDC business. Coordinates with the Area Literature Coordinator.

The MAIS Board Chair: presides over MAIS Board meetings; is knowledgeable about all positions dealing with the office; is available to field any questions pertaining to the office operation; and fills in for vacancies in positions dealing with the office.

The MAIS Chair: plans all MAIS meetings with the Executive Committee (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Board Chairperson); presides over all MAIS meetings; calls any required special meetings; appoints Chairperson for annual anniversary activities, workshops and any special fundraising projects; receives email and channels it to proper committee; and is kept apprised of all activity of MAIS.

The MAIS Secretary: takes minutes of all meetings and maintains a permanent file and maintains an ongoing list by date of all motions voted on and passed for ready reference.

The Meeting Schedules Chair: handles revisions to meeting information after WSO approval; publishes meeting schedules; and maintains inventory of Schedules printed and distributed for audit purposes.

The Telephone Volunteers Chair: recruits and trains volunteers to answer a meeting hotline for those in need of Al-Anon/Alateen; keeps updated volunteer list; maintains a listing in the local directory; and makes reports of incoming calls.The Telephone Volunteers Chair will respond to questions about Al-Anon/Alateen and can help you find a meeting in your area.

The MAIS Treasurer: acts as custodian of MAIS funds by tracking and reporting income and expenses and providing monthly reports; makes all disbursements and maintains records of financial activities and makes records available to members; prepares written financial reports for distribution to MAIS members; recommends annual budget and provides suggestions/input on fundraising and cost savings initiatives; and works with paid professionals to prepare and submit local, state, and federal financial reports.

The Website Chair: is responsible for maintenance and updating of information on MAIS website according to WSO guidelines and as approved by MAIS.